Tools for Achieving Liberation and Joy with Helen Kramer
2:00 PM14:00

Tools for Achieving Liberation and Joy with Helen Kramer

In this Deep Talk, psychotherapist Helen Kramer will share pragmatic and accessible tools to help us dissolve ‘interferences’ in our lives to unlock greater potential for liberation and joy. Sounds amazing, right?!

Originally trained as a psychotherapist, very early in her career, Helen began to intuit that there were biological interferences to (or distractions from) our realizing our infinite potential. In her studies, she was deeply impressed by the work of Kurt Goldstein, who believes that all living organisms have an organic drive for mastery. His work deeply resonated with Helen’s own experience and her life’s work has been about identifying the interferences to this drive and developing the tools to remove them.

Helen calls her work “emotional education,” as opposed to psychotherapy, and describes it as a nonjudgmental, nonpathological approach to developing what she calls “replacement behavior,” so that we can transform any pattern that is causing pain or discomfort. Without knowing these interferences exist we often blame ourselves and others for unproductive or painful behavior. Understanding and replacing these interferences liberates us all from the unnecessary blame and constriction that robs us of the energy we need for growth.

Where: This Deep Talk will be held in Helen’s beautiful Manhattan apartment where she has been holding salon style gatherings and private sessions for many years.

Notes: As always, we have a no shoe policy at Deep Talks and you are encouraged to bring snacks and drinks.

About Helen: Helen Kramer is a prominent author, therapist, educator, lecturer and licensed psychoanalyst. She has taught her groundbreaking system of Emotional Education to therapists and educators across the US as well as internationally. She has also developed groundbreaking programs for corporate executives and healthcare providers. Ms. Kramer has worked as a consultant to Sixty Minutes and 20/20 and was profiled in New York Woman. She has appeared on over 40 radio and TV talk shows across the country including Oprah, Today in NY and Good Day New York. 

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The Neuroscience of Consciousness
7:00 PM19:00

The Neuroscience of Consciousness

What is consciousness and what do neuroscientists have to say about it? At any given moment we perceive our environment, emotions and memories as a continuous stream of information that we accept as our individual lives. This experience of our conscious mind arises from dynamical electric processes of our brain. Although we are able to alter our state of consciousness (e.g. during general anaesthesia, meditation, psychedelics) and experience a drastic change in consciousness (almost) every day while we sleep, basic neural mechanisms remain poorly understood. We even lack a consensual definition of what consciousness actually entails!

In this Deep Talk, Dr. Lukas Volz will illustrate how contemporary neuroscience approaches the subject of consciousness: how we perceive, navigate and interact with our individual worlds and connect to others. We will contrast prominent existing neuroscientific theories with the medical perspective on consciousness and address how psychedelic substances may help us to further our insights (looking at you, Burners). Finally, Lukas will illustrate the curious case of split-brain research – the hallmark, Nobel prize-winning, human model for the neural basis of consciousness. 

Lukas Volz holds a MD, PhD in Neuroscience and currently works as neurologist and scientist at the University of Cologne in Germany. 

This event is free. We will be serving Kolsch beer in honor of our guest (Kolsch is made exclusively in Cologne, Germany). Please bring alcohol or snacks per usual.

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The Talk That Makes You Better In Bed (& Other Places)
6:00 PM18:00

The Talk That Makes You Better In Bed (& Other Places)

As the creator and host of Touchpoint, a monthly town hall about sex, Jared Matthew Weiss has talked to 3000+ people about what they're exploring in bed and in love. In this Deep Talk, he’ll share what he’s learned – and frenetically researched.

Donations for this event will be used to create public artwork and upgrade facilities at the Lightning Society Lofts in support of future community-oriented events. Lightning Society is a social enterprise committed to bringing people together for fun, thought-provoking, and deeply connective experiences.


Please respect the start time of 7pm EST.

This event is BYO. Feel free to bring booze and elixirs and snacks. Sharing is encouraged.

Seating may be limited on the roof so blankets and cushions may be most comfortable. Typically we have a shoes off policy but since this is outside we will be less strict.

Bring a great attitude, lots of smiles, and an open mind.


Danny, Pepe, Tim, Jared

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Tyranny of the Subconscious: Taking Back Control from Yourself
7:00 PM19:00

Tyranny of the Subconscious: Taking Back Control from Yourself

Spencer Greenberg is a polymath mathematician and entrepeneur obsessed with decision making and philosophy. In his work, Spencer seeks pragmatic solutions to some of lifes most difficult problems by truly thinking outside the box.

In this Deep Talk, Spencer will discuss the Tyranny of the Subconscious: taking back control from yourself. He will argue that it's useful to try to take back more of the control of our life from our subconcious (which normally runs most of our lives), and give some examples of the way that our subconcious tendencies push against our long turn goals that give our life meaning and value.

Everyone has something to learn in this very special talk. Its a pleasure to have Spencer share his time with us!

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7:30 PM19:30

Riccardo Sabatini: Reprogramming the Body


Reprogramming the Body

Riccardo Sabatini

Tue, February 13, 2018 7:00 PM in Venice Beach, CA

Riccardo Sabatini is a world renowned scientist and entrepreneur specialized in numerical modeling of complex systems, ranging from material science, financial markets, computational genomics and drug design. Today he’s working on how to solve drug design at a genomic scale with his company, Orionis Biosciences.

In this Deep Talk, Riccardo will discuss how the convergence of genomics, artificial intelligence, nanotechnology and quantum mechanics are giving us a completely new understanding of how our body works. We're learning how to harness our biological infrastructure, and how to design molecules able to reprogram it. Welcome to the next generation of medicine.

We are very fortunate to have this TED speaker share his thoughts and opinions in this special intimate Deep Talk in Venice, CA.

Space will be limited to 25 people. Make sure to get your ticket here

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