Featured Talks

Our previous talks have been on a wide range of subjects, including immigration, astrobiology (i.e. life in the universe), biodynamic winemaking, urban farming, psychedelic research and mental health. 



dan jones – natural and biodynamic wines

Wine connosseur and sommelier Dan Jones shared his deep knowledge of natural and biodnyamic wines in this very special wine tasting event. We had the pleasure of sampling three different natural wines, learned about their unique traits and came away with a deep appreciation for the natural wine movement. Take away: more funk the better!


Columbia University psychologist Dr. Jordana Jacobs discusses a framework for the integration of death into the science of love. How does the perception of death affect intimacy and love in couples? And how does love affect with our fear and resignation that we will eventually die? This talk covers the beautiful intricacies of death, sex, and love, and is available here.


simon roberts – urban farming and the state of our cities

Urban farmer Simon Roberts shared his vision for the future of urban farming, the current state of affairs and how we might be able to make a difference in our everyday choices.

Spencer Wolff – Immigration and No border philosophy

Spencer Wolff shared his work, The Valley Rebels, a documentary about Cédric Herrou. Cedric is a farmer who supports and houses African refugees in the alpine village of Breil-Sur-Roya in southern France. Some regard him as a heroic good samaritan, but others – including the French border police and state prosecutor – denounce him as the leader of a band of smugglers, bringing migrants from Italy into France while flouting official border controls. As Cedric moves from one prosecution to another, why do he and his fellow activists feel compelled to defy the authorities? Following the documentary, we discussed the morality of no border theory and what it might take to implement it.


Matteo Cantiello – Stars, Planets and the search for Extraterrestrial Life

Dr. Matteo Cantiello shared his groundbreaking research on the inner workings of stars, the current understanding of our increasingly expanding universe and the likelihood for extraterrestrial life.

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