Our story


We started Deep Talks in our living room in Brooklyn in the summer of 2017. We realized that a lot of our friends are doing phenomenal things and we wanted to create a forum to let them discuss their work in a friendly, intimate, comfortable environment. Further, we truly believe this sort of setting fosters deeper connection. 

We were inspired by Sofar Sounds, which brings music into private spaces, as well as by TED Talks, a forum for ideas worth spreading in a more formal setting. We thought we could make TED Talks more interactive, more inclusive, and more fun.

We are very excited about turning this idea into a movement that fosters positive change in the broader global community. Change starts small.

- Danny and Pepe 


The founding principles FOR DEEP TALKS

  1. Learning should be a lifelong journey and should be interactive.

  2. Open dialogue: Everyone has something to teach and something to learn. Openness is only possible with respect for each other.

  3. Transparency: No idea kept secret is a good idea.

  4. Change occurs when open dialogue and transparency occur in small communities of motivated people. 

  5. Shoes off.