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Exploring Curiosity + Education
December 6, 2018 – New York, NY

Kenta Koga, a Japanese magician and CEO/Founder of Gakko, will challenge our notions of what education can and should be, asking the provocative question: ‘What if we can come up with a new way of schooling from scratch?’


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Are we alone in the universe?

Dr. Matteo Cantiello shared his groundbreaking research on the inner workings of stars, the current understanding of our increasingly expanding universe and the likelihood for extraterrestrial life.


Immigration and No Borders

Spencer Wolff shared his work, The Valley Rebels, a documentary about Cédric Herrou. Cedric is a farmer who supports and houses African refugees in the alpine village of Breil-Sur-Roya in southern France. Some regard him as a heroic good samaritan, but others – including the French border police and state prosecutor – denounce him as the leader of a band of smugglers, bringing migrants from Italy into France while flouting official border controls. As Cedric moves from one prosecution to another, why do he and his fellow activists feel compelled to defy the authorities? We discussed the morality of no border theory and what it might take to implement it.

The story of natural wine

Dan Jones shared his deep knowledge of natural and biodnyamic wines in this very special wine tasting event. We had the pleasure of sampling three different natural wines, learned about their unique traits and came away with a deep appreciation for the natural wine movement. Take away: more funk the better!

Taking off the mask

After his trip to South Korea to find his birth parents, rather than processing the experience, Alex spent the next two years hiding behind a mask. In this talk he discussed balancing the pain of facing our demons, against the self destruction of avoiding them.

Urban Farming

Simon Roberts shared his vision for the future of urban farming, the current state of affairs and how we might be able to make a difference in our everyday choices.

Til Death do us Part

Dr. Jordana Jacobs discusses a framework for the integration of death into the science of love. How does the perception of death affect intimacy and love in couples? And how does love affect with our fear and resignation that we will eventually die? You can watch this talk on the intricacies of death, sex, and love, here

The Talk That Makes You Better In Bed (& Other Places)

As the creator and host of Touchpoint, a monthly town hall about sex, Jared Matthew Weiss has talked to 3000+ people about what they're exploring in bed and in love. In this Deep Talk, he’ll share what he’s learned – and frenetically researched. June 21, 2018


Tyranny from the Subconscious: Taking Back Control from Yourself

Spencer Greenberg is a polymath mathematician and entrepeneur obsessed with decision making and philosophy. In his work, Spencer seeks pragmatic solutions to some of lifes most difficult problems by truly thinking outside the box.

In this Deep Talk, Spencer will discuss the Tyranny of the Subconscious: taking back control from yourself. He will argue that it's useful to try to take back more of the control of our life from our subconcious (which normally runs most of our lives), and give some examples of the way that our subconcious tendencies push against our long turn goals that give our life meaning and value.